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Air Conditioning Frequently Asked Questions

This section of the Bill Norris Air Conditioning site has been set out to answer the most commonly asked questions about air conditioning.

Use the links below to access the information that best describes the information that you are looking for.

If you have another question that is not listed then by all means feel free to call us directly on the number above or use our “Got A Question” page to send us your questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What size air conditioner do I need for a “_____” or a room that is “_____Sqm”

A) To assist you in choosing the correct size air conditioner for your requirements please review our Air Conditioning Room Size Guide

Q)  Why does my air conditioner not cool the surrounding area on really hot days or during a heat wave?

A)  There are many possible answers to this question, so to aid you in diagnosing what the issue may be please review our  Common Air Conditioning Cooling Issues.

Q) My air conditioner is blowing hot air, Does it need gas?

A) There are several reason that may cause this issue, to review the possible answer as to what the issue may be, please review our  Common Air Conditioning Cooling Issues.